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If he found any, he posted them to the victim's Facebook profile.

  • But it is not so strong it can long endure the misrule of arbitrary double standards—which amount to a special kind of breach of the social contract.

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George Bronk, 23, was arrested in late October after police found evidence that he'd hacked into more than 3,200 e-mail accounts.

  • And this may be the unforgivable sin of our day.

  • She is definetly 18+, but do you know what is Demi age? Is the panel suggesting that judges have an obligation to have only traditional sexual relationships? Or is this simply the age-old game of the powerful scapegoating people who have no real constituency or friends in high places? Judge Clark could easily and correctly have been unseated by his constituents had they determined that his character was not of the kind they desired for their judges….

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