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Black Haze aka Frankie, NYC Haze, The Piff, Church, Uptown Piff or Cuban Black Haze

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Lemon OG Haze AUTO FEMINIZED Seeds (Nirvana Seeds)

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If only they did not take years to flower and yielded better.

  • It also has gorgeous purple-rimmed leaves and dense purple-tinted buds which mesmerize the eyes.

  • And, you will get to enjoy citrus and earthy flavors on your palate upon inhaling.

The chances of getting a poor batch from A.

  • TobaccoHaze helps withStress39% of people say it helps with StressAnxiety27% of people say it helps with AnxietyDepression26% of people say it helps with DepressionThis info is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

  • Its rarity makes it so this energizing and happy strain is more and more a nostalgic high for those that think of this as one of the best colored weed strains.

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